Math Aerobics

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now i am going to tell you about something
related to maths which help you to solve
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The Vedic Mathematics system uses a collection of sixteen sutras and some sub-sutras. These are given in Sanskrit in the book “Vedic Mathematics”. We have Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji’s English translation for some but not those marked with an asterisk in the list below. [please note the Sanskrit and transliteration are not included here although they were in the original article - most books on Vedic Mathematics will have these.]

1. By One More than the One Before

2. All from 9 and the Last from 10

3. Vertically and Crosswise

4. Transpose and Apply

5. If the Samuccaya is the Same it isZero

6. If One is in Ratio the Other is Zero

7. By Addition and by Subtraction

8. By the Completion or Non-Completion

9. Differential Calculus*

10. By the Deficiency*

11. Specific and General*

12. The Remainders by the Last Digit

13. The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate

14. By One Less than the One Before

15. The Product of the Sums*

16. All the Multipliers*

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